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On October 10, 2015
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Russian women belong to the Slavic women culture. Women from countries such as Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, just to name a couple are Slavic women.

Assuming that you are interested in dating Russian ladies, you need to know how to talk to them. All approaches are based on and influenced by the local culture and you need to brush up your knowledge of them. Knowing how to interact with Russian women online is a very broad topic but to get things started, let’s begin with 6 questions you should never ask (as they may be offensive):

Question #1: You are so gorgeous. How did you get this pretty?

You may think that this doesn’t sound too bad but these ladies are used to being seen as naturally gorgeous. Trust us, you don’t want to question a Russian woman’s beauty routine. All women want to think their beauty is natural, even if they put a lot of effort into it.

Question #2: Asking anything about relationships from the past.

There are other variations of this question like, “What happened with your precious relationship” for example. STOP right there. Would you like to re-live hurtful experiences from the past?

Question #3: How many foreigner boyfriends have you had?

Trust us, you don’t want to go there. It is far too personal and you don’t want to stop her from feeling lady-like.

Question #4: What’s your political view?

People from Russia are very passionate when it comes to politics. You don’t want to offend these ladies with anything.

Question #5: What’s wrong with guys in your country?

If you ask a Russian woman that then she will take it the wrong way. She will be thinking that you are implying she got into online dating for the wrong reasons. You wouldn’t want someone to think that there is something wrong with them.

Question #6: Why haven’t you found a boyfriend yet?

This one should be obvious but lots of guys ask it anyway. It is like saying that there is something wrong with her personality.

Well, she’s talking to you, isn’t she? She might be picky but that’s her business and, if you think about it, you’re exactly the same way because in online dating websites, you get choose who you want to meet: women with blue eyes, blond hair, brunette hair, hazel eyes, tall, short and etc.

Don’t bring these ideas up

It would be a good idea to do more research online because there are more No-No topics out there. There are plenty more out there so look them up.

Hopefully you found this information useful. Come back soon for more Russian dating articles.

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