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If you are in a relationship with someone you found in a Russian dating site, this article would be helpful in determining how to have timing that's just right.

Long ago, dating with chaperons was the norm and couples believed that the more you wait, the more you love. Luckily, times have changed. Even international dating has become possible, and you can easily find the girl of your dreams in a Russian dating site. However, these changes does not mean that we are now better at determining the right time to do something in a relationship.

Although we would all like to take action when our hearts tell us to, there are moments when the things we do or don’t do destroy the relationship’s momentum. One relationship expert from a Russian dating site thinks that for every period of time, there is some type of relationship timeline one must follow, with some exceptions to the rules.

Here are some suggestions to help you decide on the perfect timing for your own relationship:

The First Date, Two Weeks

If you meet in a Russian dating site, or wherever, for that matter, an interesting potential partner, you do not need to delay for too long your first date. This is one of those few instances where you can speed things up. You must take pleasure in dating as many women as you want. If she is someone you just met, and you have some doubts, then plan a group date for your first date. Nevertheless, no matter how much you are into someone, do not ask her for sex on your first date. Moving full speed ahead in sexual intimacy is one of the more common mistakes men make when dating.

Getting Comfortable, Six Weeks

By the time you have dated a girl for more than three times, you must be comfortable enough to let her see your casual and laid back self. It won’t be realistic to present a perfect image of yourself all the time. To test her heart, bare the real you after a few weeks. If she could take you at your worst, then she is definitely a keeper. This actually lifts up your budding relationship to the next level, specifically when a couple tries to lessen their uncertainty about one another.

The First Kiss, Two Months

Kissing on your first date is fine, as long as it is a kiss on the cheek or a smack on the lips. Wait a couple of months before you start using that tongue on her.

Meeting Each Others Friends, Three Months

You could introduce her to your friends after a few months so they can help point out certain things about her that you may not see because you are already so attracted to her. They can check if your own assessment of her is correct.

Giving Pet Names, Four Months

Using nicknames indicates that you are already up another level in your relationship. By this time, you have already acquired private symbols and developed routines. You get to come up with labels after you have been with a person for some time. Calling her babe or sweetheart too early on might make you seem arrogant.

Saying “I Love You”, Five Months

Most women agree that when men say I LOVE YOU after dating them for just a few weeks, it appears insincere and unbelievable. After all, you really can’t be sure that you love someone just by spending a few moments with them. It can be attraction or even lust; but genuine love is something that grows slowly but surely. Sure you can say I LOVE YOU after a few dates. But if you want it to be coming from the heart, wait at least 5 months into your relationship before you tell her you love her just to be sure that it is what you really feel.

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