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How to Succeed at Online Dating

With the availability of numerous online dating websites, more people than ever before are looking for a partner online. Whether you’re interested in interracial or cross cultural dating, you shouldn’t have a problem finding the right website for you. However, lots of people are having a hard time meeting someone for long term companionship. Should you need some dating advice, below are a couple of tips which will help you be more successful in internet dating.

Tips for a successful online dating experience

Change your attitude 

Just because you’ve decided to look for a partner online doesn’t mean you’re desperate for a date or somehow undatable. If you feel like you’ve dated all the women in your area, change the way you think. What you actually are is curious, creative and just tired of trying to meet that perfect woman in a bar. By registering with an online dating site you’re merely growing your social circles. Not everyone who dates people online is an extrovert who could talk to anyone; in fact, lots of people are probably as quiet and shy as you are and find the idea of sitting down with someone they don’t know as uncomfortable as you do.

Don’t get carried away

First emails should stay on the mostly business side of things so you and your partner could get to know each other a little bit better and see if there’s any chemistry between you. Don’t declare your love for her in the first letter you send as it will only frighten her away. Instead, explain why you want to know her better and why you think you’re a good catch. Don’t initiate live chat with someone just because you’ve popped up in each other’s chat listing. It can make some women feel uncomfortable, so it’s best to get to know each other through emails first.

Stay busy

If you’re worried about keeping the conversation going on the first date, opt for activity dates instead of meals. Meet for a walk on a promenade or go to an interesting museum, take a boat cruise if you live near a river or lake, etc. Most of these activities are very cheap or free and it will be easier to talk about shared experiences. Furthermore, you’re more likely to enjoy these dates even if there is no chemistry between you.

Your profile is important, but not too important

While it is essential to be honest about the most important things like your age, race, religious or political views, you shouldn’t get overly serious and spend too much time trying to hit the perfect balance of quirky versus confident. Be sure to show your real self. Don’t use typical answers when filling out your profile as it makes you seem boring and predictable. For example, when detailing what you think people first notice about you, don’t say “my deep blue eyes”, but come up with something that truly characteristics you instead.

Don’t settle

Just because someone writes to your or writes back to you, doesn’t mean that you should get seriously involved. It may sound obvious, but lots of people feel overwhelmed from all the possibilities they’re seeing. Maybe you’ve met someone who could be an alright but not a great match. Or maybe someone is super interested in you? Don’t settle! Don’t give up until you’ve met someone you’re really excited about. There’s nothing wrong with being picky and knowing what you want, so if you feel like someone’s not a match, let them down gently and move on to find that right person.

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