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This post will help those who have met their dream Russian wives online and are trying to find out when it is best to say I love you for the first time.

It may not be that hard to pick Russian beauties online, but saying I love you for the first time could be frightening. Struggling with the thought on who should say it first and trying to analyze whether it’s the right time to say it can be mind boggling. Add to that the anxiety on whether they would say I love you back after you say it.

Modern Wisdom About Saying I Love You Online

Telling a woman that you love her for the first time and hearing her say I love you, too is one of the best feelings in the world. If you are decided that love is truly what you feel for her, then say it. Besides, if you desire for a mature relationship where genuineness and communication are essential, then you might as well know if the feeling is mutual.

There are no clear rules in saying I Love You; however, if you, men, are attempting to declare your love to your dream Russian online or in person, the following are some tips that can certainly help you.

Right Timing

Waiting until you have been dating for quite some time is ideal. After a few months of dating, it can be safer to say that what you feel for her has gone beyond physical attraction. By this time, you would have probably known her a little better, and you already have an idea on whether you are ready to lay your life for this woman.

When you are confident that what you have is not going anywhere but straight, then by all means, say I love you, and take your relationship into a whole new level.

Look for Signs that the Feeling is Mutual

There is no point in telling her that you love her if it is quite obvious that she doesn’t love you in return because this is just going to leave you with a broken heart. But, if you are unsure about her feelings based on her actions, take the risk and say it anyway, with a positive belief that she feels the same way. Regret would be harder to bear than heart ache when it turns out that she does love you and she’s just waiting for you to say it, and then eventually, she falls out of love thinking that you don’t love her. That would be really, really sad.

Most of the time, you would actually be able to sense if she has intense feelings for you. If she wants you to always come see her, or if she has introduced you to her family and friends, or if you feel that she’s genuinely happy around you, then that’s a good sign.

Don’t Obsess about Saying It

These three little words are powerful if the person saying it really means it. If you feel that you are ready and sure about it, then just do it. Thinking about it too much and obsessing on how she would react would just make you nervous.

Just be real. Say it if you feel like saying it. Sometimes, it comes out even sweeter when you both least expect it.

Don’t Say I Love You When You’re Drunk

There are two reasons why saying I Love You when you’re drunk is not a good idea. First, it could be that you’ve just had too much to drink, so you’re not thinking clearly. Second, she might not take you seriously, thinking that it’s just the alcohol talking.

Additionally, it is very much likely that you will have little or no memory of what transpired while you were drunk, and the first exchange of I Love You, weather online or offline, is a pretty important thing to look back to.

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