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The tips are very practical and useful if you're into online dating.

russian singlesOnline dating is so popular these days that it is almost the normal way of finding Russian singles. However, not because he/she is not standing right in front of you, it is okay to just do what you want. Online or not, you should follow some rules when looking for a date. If online dating is your last resort since you just can’t seem to make a connection with anyone, you might be committing some social boo-boos. Read below and never make the same mistake again.


Be yourself. Genuinely getting acquainted with the other person is the only way you can move forward. Allowing the other person to know your feelings and thoughts will encourage him/her to communicate with you freely and comfortably. Being yourself is appealing and it demonstrates that you are confident of who you are.

Use a recent photo in your profile, and put a candid description of yourself. If you are serious about hooking up with Russian singles, uploading a picture that isn’t actually you will get you nowhere. Sure you’d get them interested at first, but you can’t forever talk through the computer or over the phone. If they find out that you’re not being truthful about the way you look, they’d be gone in 60 seconds.

Write a captivating headline for your profile. Draw inspiration from all the terrific advertising catchphrases you have ever heard. These slogans are stamped in people’s minds. You would want to do the same thing with your profile.

Check your profile for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. Request someone close to you to read your profile to ascertain that it is comprehensible, logical, and reasonable. Do a spell check at all times.

Give people the impression that you are financially able (only if you are, of course), but don’t be specific. You can write “I take care of my own finances.” By some means, you want to sound that you are self-reliant and that you can support yourself.


Don’t assume that you will find someone at once. You might have to date a few Russian singles before you find someone you can have a relationship with. And, delay face to face meetings until you’ve learn enough about the person. Some people are not exactly forthright with the information they give about themselves and the pictures they use in their profiles. You need to take time to do some investigating first and conclude if they are who they say they are.

Don’t send your prospect any money.. ever. Even if he/she tries to convince you that it’s an emergency, disregard any request for money. Additionally, never provide financial data, including bank accounts, credit card number, and social security number.

Don’t act desperate. Saying “I love you” even before you meet in person is crazy. Even on the first date, professing your love right away can seem artificial and outrageous. It is acceptable to feel inspired about your new connection, but immediately implying an intense emotional bond is not something a person with a sound mind will do.

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