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These Russian dating tips can show you how to secure more dates.

When it comes to Russian dating, all men could use a little help to increase their chances in finding a lifetime partner. Below are a few things to consider the next time you go out with a Russian date.

russian dating# 1: Do a little investigation on what she wants.
Collect information from her friends, or from her without being obvious about it, about the kind of food, movies, and music that she likes. This way, you wouldn’t end up taking her to a seafood restaurant when she’s actually allergic to seafood or take her to a rock concert when she’s extremely appalled with that type of music.

# 2: Mind your manners.
Courtesy goes a long way when dealing with Russian women. Give her compliments from time to time. Open doors for her. Stand up when she arrives at your table. Don’t text or call someone at the table, especially when she’s in front of you. It is better if you turn off your phone as your date commences, and make sure you tell her that you’ve done so because you do not wish to be disturbed while you’re with her. This might even help you get to second base quickly.

# 3: Do your best to look good.
You won’t be impressing your date if you go meet her looking like you just stepped out of the bed. If you need a haircut, go have one. Choose outfits that endue confidence and conform to basic style rules. Keep them clean and simple. Before every date, it is important that you brush your teeth, shave, shower, and trim your nails. It is best that you arrive earlier than your date, so you have time to take a quick look at yourself in the men’s room mirror just to ensure that you still look clean-cut. Russian ladies are fascinated with men who know how to take care of their appearance. Additionally, never ever brag about the price of your clothes and accessories to your date. That’s a major turn off for most women.

# 4: Focus your attention on your date.
Remember that you’re the one who asked for a date because you’re interested in knowing her. Hence, if you’re lucky enough to be given a chance to be in her company, she deserves to be the center of your attention. Let her do most of the talking, and do your best to be a good listener. Don’t talk too much about yourself unless she asks you to tell her more. Tell positive stories. Focus on the future as much as possible and stay away from any topic that would bring up your romantic past. Also, refrain from looking at your phone or watch, and especially other women who pass by or who are nearby.

# 5: Shoulder the expenses, especially on the first date.
Expecting her to pay for the bill, or even a share of it, is one of the worst things you can do during the first few dates. Though we’re already living in the modern times, chivalry is still valued by most Russian ladies. As a man and future provider of your own family, as well as the one who did the inviting in the first place, it is your duty to foot the bill during courtship. However, when you’re already in a steady relationship, and she has the means to pay, it is okay if she offers to give her share.

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