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This post will give you the edge on Russian dating. Learn to be a chick magnet with just a few steps.

russian datingStriking a conversation with hot Russian girls can be pretty difficult. Just the way they would look at you can make you feel insecure with yourself. But it doesn’t have to be like that, which is why we’re sharing with you these Russian dating tips on how to impress any lady you like.

Russian Dating Tip # 1: Find well-behaved friends.

There will be times when you will be out with friends, and then you’ll see a Russian woman you wish to chat up. You approach her, and then your friends come bounding behind you, telling her playfully that you are not to be trusted. Friends you need to go out with should know when to be mischievous and when to be serious. They should be the ones who would give you support when you want to talk to women and who would be there to attest that you really are a commendable guy.

Russian Dating Tip # 2: Develop in advance a scheme on how you’d want to meet Russian girls.

If you wish to have a positive outcome when you go out to have an encounter with Russian ladies, you need to have some sort of plan. If you are quite inept through lack of practice, plan on being gregarious and talk to at least 8 women the next time you go out. Make a wager with your friends, such as treating them to dinner, if you don’t get to meet your quota. You will accomplish more if you follow this tip.

Russian Dating Tip # 3: Relax and project self-confidence.

Hang out in a place where almost everybody knows you. In one such place, you tend to be more relaxed because you are familiar with it. When you are at ease, you would appear self-confident. This is going to make an excellent first impression with Russian girls. Find an awesome night spot that fiery Russian ladies frequent, and regularly go there. Befriend the staff and get to know them on a first name basis. So eventually, every time you go there, the employees would greet you by name, and it would look as if you’re a VIP.

Russian Dating Tip # 4: Maintain eye contact. Listen.

Hold a steady, but comfortable gaze when talking to Russian women. While she is chatting with you, you should really listen. Ask questions that demonstrate that you are honestly curious about the things she’s sharing. Allow her to dominate the conversation; and when it’s your turn, talk about a subject that you know she’s interested in.

Russian Dating Tip # 5: Getting her number.

Asking for a Russian girl’s contact number is a skill; and many men cannot, or don’t, do it the right way. To be able to successfully get a Russian lady’s number, you need to make sure that you can answer yes to the following questions: Is she cheerful while talking to you? Has she shown interest in you, such as asking you some personal questions? Have you discussed activities, hobbies, or places that you’re both interested in?

Three yes’s mean that you’ll get her actual number. Plan on when to meet again, and then ask for her number so you can keep in touch.

Russian Dating Tip # 6: Sending her text messages.

Now that you’ve finally gotten her number, a little work on text messaging can also go a long way. When texting, ask only one question per text message. When you ask 2 or more questions, the first question asked tends to get ignored or forgotten. Begin slowly. Your first text message to her should simply say that it was nice meeting her.

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