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On August 15, 2015
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Russia has always been intriguing to people. Its history and culture are captivating. Another thing that is known about Russia is how there are many foreign men interested in dating Russian women both online and offline. They exert serious effort and time into figuring out ways they could meet these ladies: online chatting, dating portals, video calls and so forth but they don’t put in enough effort into learning about the Russian culture. Instead of gathering valuable information that would help them in their relationships these ladies they just choose to go with what they know. If you are one of these guys, we suggest you gain some knowledge and this article will help you begin.

Myths and Realities About Russia

1. There are many spies in Russia

There is an endless number of movies about foreign intelligence agencies that have spies in different countries. Russia has been made notorious in these flicks. The stereotype is often depicted in movies about the former Soviet Union where human sources were preferred over research. Russia has its secret service like every other country in the world and there isn’t Girls from Russiaanything special or romantic about it.

2. Lots of vodka for every event

We can say that this myth is true. It is a fact that Russians love this drink because it’s symbolic and helps with keeping warm on the cold winter nights. Climate and history have created a place for vodka in Russia’s culture and people drink it on any occasion – be it a wedding, someone’s birthday, a promotion at work, you name it and Russians will have a reason for opening a bottle. Note that we are not trying to say that all Russians love this drink but it is indeed very popular.

3. Russian women only go for rich, older men

This is an unfortunate stereotype from the times of so called “mail order brides”. While there are women in every culture that prefer older men it definitely doesn’t apply to everyone. Another explanation for this is that the majority of women on online dating sites happen to be younger than the men. The common age for a woman in the online dating world is 27 while for the men it is 41.

4. All Russian women are hot

A small correction: most Russian women are hot. It is a combination of amazing genetics and also a part of their culture – women are expected to be feminine and express it the best they can. That is why so many women pay attention to looking good. They love to dress up, wear make up and go to beauty salons. There is no shortage of gorgeous women in Russia and you will definitely find one to date.

5. Russians are rude to strangers

This myth is not true. This is also something that stems out of the Russian culture – smiling isn’t a common thing when it comes to strangers. You won’t find people smiling at you on the street if you ask for directions or something like that. Smiles are seen as something that needs to be reserved for family.

Have You Been There?

Do you have any experiences to share with us? All opinions are welcome. Come back soon for more Russian dating tips.