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This article is a practical guide on dating Russian women and making a long distance relationship work for you.

Long distance relationships can be difficult, especially if you are dating Russian women and you live in another part of the world. Nevertheless, there are a few simple elements that could help you handle a long distance affair in the best possible way.

Below are some practical things to do in making a long distance relationship work for you when dating Russian women.

These Tips For Dating Russian Women Will Make Your Life Easier

Maximize your time together. Do not pressure yourself with expectations on when you can be with her again. Unlike movies, fantasizing about long-awaited dates excessively could be a disappointment.

Enjoy and make the most out of your time together, without expecting that she’ll go out of her way to meet up with you again in the nearest future. Days go by so fast, so quit worrying and just look at the bright side. Wherever you are and whatever the circumstances, the main thing is that you are together.

Make better use of your time together by making sure to fetch and take her to the airport or train station. As much as possible, spend some time alone with each other. For example, instead of attending a party, stay at home and watch movies together.

Make family and friends a priority. Even if you’re dying to see her again, your life should not just revolve around her. If you do not want your long distance relationship to evolve into some source of sadness and despair, it is essential that the two of you live your own lives, too. Let your family, friends, and interests or work occupy your time until you see her again, and that void she left in you would feel less conspicuous.

You can also try to make some new friends, but don’t forget to tell her about them so she wouldn’t feel that she’s in danger of losing you.

Plan together. If you are trying to discover how to make long distance relationships work, planning things together is important. From your future plans to your plans on getting together, planning things with each other can keep the long distance flame burning. Make plans for birthdays, family bonding time, holidays, romantic dates, and your next meet-up.

These small commitments would help maintain a strong connection between you two, while the anticipation of finally being together in the future will help you in coping with your present situation.

Keep communication lines open. One of the most essential aspects in making long distance relationships successful is keeping in touch. Absence may make the heart grow fonder; however, absence without constant communication can make the heart grow colder.

Luckily, these days, it is easier to keep in touch because of modern technology that makes it possible to simultaneously see and talk to someone who’s staying in a far off place. Examples of these are Skype, FaceTime, and Yahoo Messenger among others.

Still, good old love letters received through Mr. Postman have never lost their charm; so you could, from time to time, tap your inner poet and woo her anew with words.

Establish your own terms and conditions. The two of you should agree to the terms and conditions of your long distance relationship for it to work and survive. Some questions that both of you need to address are:

Are you exclusive or can you date other people?
How long is the separation going to last?
How frequently are you supposed to make contact?
What means are you going to use to communicate?
How often will you visit each other?

Setting your terms would help set your expectations, and thus prevent disappointments if things do not work out right.

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