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Dating a Russian women may be difficult if you have no understanding how different your cultures are. Women in general have similarities but it’s a whole different thing when talking about behaviour that is influenced by culture. That is why we made this list detailing some of the must-know cultural differences for dating Russian women:

1. The Very First Cultural Difference: Russian Women are Into Looking Good

This sounds like an understatement considering that Russian women love to dress up even for grocery shopping. In the Western countries we often see that picking up anything from the grocery store means jeans or sweat pants, flip flops, random boots, a tank top or an over-sized hoodie. It couldn’t be more different in Russia. Women are so focused on being feminine so don’t be too surprised if your Russian date needs a couple of hours just to get ready for a conference call. dating Russian women

2. The Second Cultural Difference: Showing Affection with Gifts and Romance

In the West guys may get away with simply sweet talking a woman and making her fall in love like that but in Russia it takes so much more than that.You must add in a ton of romance – gift giving, act in a romantic way. That doesn’t mean that Russian women are materialistic. That is just how their culture works.

3. The Third Cultural Difference: You Need to be a Gentleman

You must behave like a true gentleman and pay on most dates. Some ladies may be going “How come? I can pay for myself”, but most people are used to the old stereotypes where the guy is the one that pays. If the relationship grows you can perhaps start going Dutch at some point.

4. The Fourth Cultural Difference: She is a Princess

Most Russian women grow up being treated like a princess their entire childhood. They will be expecting the same from you when you start going out. They expect to be treated with respect and made feel like they’re ladies. Open the doors, help her to her seat, offer her your jacket on a cold evening and so forth. You need to be a modern day knight in shining armour.

5. The Fifth Cultural Difference: Defining the Relationship

This one isn’t all that conclusive but you need to know that Russian women are much quicker to get into a serious relationship when compared to their Western counterparts. This is actually a great thing about them – they don’t enjoy playing any games when dating. If you’ve gone out a couple of times then you’re most likely official. Having said all that, you need to keep in mind that there is no dating of several people at the same time in Russia. That is considered cheating.

Any Surprises?

How do you feel about these cultural differences? Even if you feel like some of them are very strange, you need to accept them if you’re interested in dating Russian women.

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