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Learn About Your Russian Pen Pal's Culture

There is certainly nothing more desirable to a lady than a guy who is interested in knowing more about his Russian pen pal‘s culture and traditions. It may be self explanatory, but most guys know virtually nothing at all about the life in the former Soviet Union. Below are several straightforward approaches to learn a lot more about the traditions and beliefs of your online chat partner.

Learning Russian

Taking time to practice simple sentences and phrases in Russian isn’t only endearing, it is also beneficial for your personal growth. It’s going to undoubtedly enable you to communicate far better with your Russian pen pals and will be really beneficial once you travel to Russia to meet your chosen lady personally. And even if things never work out with you two, you will still have this special talent which could benefit you later in life.

Russian Pen PalLearn simple facts about history and geography

If you’re dating a Russian woman, it really is beneficial to get to know the landmarks of biggest cities and familiarize oneself with all the crucial events that helped shape her nation. Particular focus should be on the district where your sweetheart is from. If you are unsure of where to begin, browse articles on the net and on Wikipedia. You don’t need to find out every little thing about her nation, but knowing more than a typical American man does will undoubtedly impress your lady and offer you a far better insight into your companion’s mind.

Learn things about her culture

One of the biggest benefits of international relationships is getting new experiences and learning about things like traditional foods, holidays, and much more. Ask your Russian woman how she celebrates main holidays in her country, what sort of food she enjoys and what traditions and beliefs are most important to her. You may also go to particular Russian culture events in your neighborhood, browse recipes of Russian meals on the internet and read books about Russia.

Know the stereotypes

You need to keep an open mind and be flexible when it comes to stereotypes about Russian people. Most women will likely be annoyed and hurt if a man they care about recites unfair stereotypes like correct information. Here is a list of standard, but false stereotypes about Russian men and women.

1.    Russian ladies on dating websites are only interested in a green card

2.    Women from Russia are miserable and poor and count on men to save them

3.    All Russian dating websites pay local females to chat with foreign guys

4.    If a guy shows proof of adequate funds, he can win the heart of any lady on the internet dating site

5.    All Russians are communists

Needless to say, you’ll find people that symbolize these stereotypes accuratley, nevertheless it does not mean all people from Russia do. If you are genuinely interested in understanding your darling’s culture and nation, never let the false stereotypes distract you.

If you are truly interested in the Russian lady you happen to be exchanging emails with, impress her by learning things about her culture and country. Studying simple Russian and simple facts about geography, history and culture are a fantastic approach to accomplish this. Not merely will it advantage you personally, you are going to also impress your future Russian wife and what could possibly be better than that?

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