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Improve Your Profile and Date Russian Women Online!

If you want to date Russian women, you should know that when it comes to dating these ladies online, men really have to make an effort to catch their attention and keep them interested. Below is a little guide to what you can do to make your online dating profile more attractive for women looking for love online.

1. Choose a happy photo for your profile picture

Girls have a tendency to be more attracted to men who look happy,¬†cheerful and confident. It’s possible you’re wondering how to make your profile more interesting and show your best side without getting to say a word first, but don’t worry, it’s really not that complicated. All you need is a good profile photo! Upload one where it looks like you’re having a great time with your friends, a picture where you’re smiling or laughing. These types of photos are know to attract more attention then the ones where men stare into the camera attempting to look sexy. Keep in mind that your photo is the first thing a woman sees while she’s browsing hundreds of profiles at once. Therefore it’s important to choose the one that shows you in your best light.

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2. Create a good profile

As soon as your awesome profile picture has attracted the attention of a Russian woman, she will then proceed to read your complete profile. This is your one and only chance to make her interested in you and make her want to know more, so it’s very important that you sound positive in your description. Never mention your doubts about whether the women on the dating site are real or not or your concerns that you won’t find anyone who would suit you. Don’t mention your previous dating mishaps either. Even though most men have these thoughts, it’s not a good idea to broadcast them on your profile. Your profile is like a personal advertisement and you don’t see many companies in newspapers telling you you won’t like their product.

3. Keep your first conversations light and simple

If your good profile photo and and even better profile have done a good job, a Russian lady will send you a request to chat with you. Once again, it is necessary to sound happy and positive, in particular in the beginning of your online relationship. It really is advisable not to complain about the expenses you have to make to date Russian women in the first place. Never ask your chat partner whether she’s a fraud or not either. It’s recommended not to bring up difficult topics like politics or religion, death or war, etc. It’s not that these topics are out of limits forever, we just encourage you to keep things simple and light in the beginning of your relationship when you’re just getting to know each other. You can discuss things that concern you the most later on.

In summary, the ideal way to attract the attention of a Russian lady and to maintain her interest is staying cheerful and positive. Even though life is never simple, a happy and light attitude can go a long way in winning a woman’s heart.

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