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This is a pretty interesting post on the white lies you'll encounter when dating Eastern European women.

If you are dating Eastern European women, you know that sometimes, just like any other woman from anywhere in the world, they say things to you that they don’t really mean. Based on the experiences of men dating Eastern European women, below is a compiled list of the top lies men hear from women:

Lie: Is this outfit making me look fat? Don’t lie.
Truth: I made an effort to look good for you, so just say that I am.

Lie: Sure, no problem.
Truth: Go ahead, and you’ll hurt my feelings.

Lie: Just a few more minutes.
Truth: Just one more hour.

Lie: I’m not jealous! Really!
Truth: Just make sure you don’t get too close with that girl.

Lie: I’m fine.
Truth: I’m not okay. You hurt me.

Lie: I’m going on a diet.
Truth: I’ll try to go on a diet.

Lie: I’m not yet ready for a relationship.
Truth: I don’t like you.

Lie: I won’t tell anyone.
Truth: Anyone does not include my best friend.

Lie: Let’s stop by the mall for a few minutes. I need to buy something important. I won’t take long.
Truth: Give me at least 1 hour.

Lie: Oh, it was on sale, so I got it cheap.
Truth: I’m embarrassed to tell you that it cost me a fortune to buy this.

Lie: I have a headache.
Truth: I feel lazy doing anything right now. Come on over and take care of me.

Lie: Sorry! That text message wasn’t for you.
Truth: It was for you. I just don’t want you thinking that I’m making the first move. Take a hint.

Lie: Never mind.
Truth: I’m upset and I’m tired of making you see it my way.

Lie: I have nothing to wear.
Truth: I want to buy new clothes.

Lie: On the first date: I’m not really that hungry.
Truth: I don’t want you thinking that I’m such a pig. Besides, eating celery sticks would make me look sexy.

Lie: It’s up to you.
Truth: I’m embarrassed to say what I want, but I do hope you’ll choose what you know I want.

Lie: I do enjoy your mother’s company.
Truth: Not really.

Lie: I look so ugly.
Truth: Tell me I’m beautiful.

Lie: I need that.
Truth: I don’t really need it, but I want it.

Lie: We need to talk.
Truth: I need to complain.

Lie: I don’t want to ruin our friendship.
Truth: You’re not my type. I just like you as a friend.

Lie: I’m so busy with work right now.
Truth: I have no interest of fitting you in to my schedule.

Lie: Are you seeing anyone right now?
Truth: Can I be your girlfriend?

Lie: Do you really want to watch that movie?
Truth: I really don’t want to watch that movie.

Lie: They said he has a crush on me.
Truth: I just want to know if you’ll feel jealous.

Lie: Nothing.
Truth: Yes, there is something, and you need to find it out for yourself.

After reading this list, you are now aware that you must be armed and ready for the lies she will be throwing your way. Far different from men, women often use hints and insinuations to steer you in their direction. Their way is not, by its own nature, better or worse than yours. Theirs is just, you know, different.

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