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On May 5, 2015
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Because of cultural differences it isn’t always easy to tell if your Russian beauty is flirting back or simply being friendly. Because of that we need to have a look at the Russian dating culture. There’s good news on that – Russian way of dating is very straight forward. There are no games and there is no dragging someone along. After reading this article you will be able to tell if she is flirting back.

This dating advice applies to the offline dating world. Here are five ways to tell if you’ve created a connection.

When you haven’t approached her yet:

There’s glancing, staring and smiling – When you smile at someone at a bar or a cafĂ©, they will typically show interest by glancing back at you every now and then and when your eyes meet she will smile at you. This works as a go signal for approaching her. If you’re at a bar just walk up to her and offer to buy her a drink.

TIP: It’s a ton of fun to meet gorgeous and flirty women at bars but if you are interested in something more serious then a bar may not be an ideal place for you to find someone for long term. We recommend you try book stores, restaurants, live music shows and so forth.
Body language – Sometimes when Russian women flirt they will show it with body language. The classic flipping of hair, gentle biting of the lip and so on.
This is most likely the green light for you to walk up and introduce yourself.

When there’s already been an interaction:

Body language – Crossing the legs, leaning in while talking to you also indicates that she is into you. Also when she leans against you or touches you in any way – these are very obvious signs that she’s flirting back. When this happens it’s a good idea to pay her a compliment but don’t just tell her that she is pretty. Be more original.

TIP: You can compliment something in her personality that you sincerely like. Perhaps she is very straightforward or has a great sense of humour. The compliment should come from the heart.

She’s playing with words – Other than her jewellery or hair, she may also play with words, her voice or both.

These are only five ways you can tell that the Russian beauty you’re interested in is flirting back. Come back soon for more dating tips!

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