Consider this when creating your online dating profile – Your profile should be one of the best representations of yourself that you can create in attracting a match online.

online dating profile

Your Profile Picture

Try to use your most recent picture. It’s important that your profile picture show a clear in-focus image of your face.

To smile or not to smile? A person’s smile is a friendly and approachable gesture. I know from my own experience that I am more attracted to men who smile in their pictures, then men who don’t. So, go ahead and show off those pearly whites!

“I wear my sunglasses at night”… Whether or not you’re a product of the 80’s you’ll probably know this song by Corey Hart. Sure, you look cool wearing your sunglasses during the day – or even at night if you so choose, but try not to post a picture with them on. Eyes are one of the best features on a face – show them off baby!!

Your Additional Pictures

Keep in mind that these additional pictures can potentially say a lot about who you are as a person. Additional pictures give your matches a snapshot ( no pun intended! ) of your life. Here is where you can brag about your travels and show off your family, friends and pets! Also keep in mind that most dating sites will not accept pictures with nudity, suggestiveness, photos without you in them, copyrighted material, contact information or advertisements.

A posted picture is a must if you’re serious about meeting someone online. Profiles with photos are 10 times more likely to be contacted than profiles without. – Besides people like to see who they’re conversing with. If you are the exception and just don’t own a digital camera or scanner – there’s help for you! Many top dating sites will upload your photo for you for FREE!! Simply make a copy of your photo(s) and mail them in. Each dating site is unique with their policies and procedures. Simply contact them for additional information.

In your own Words

1,000 characters or less. Within that little text box is the best place to showcase your personality. Take ownership of it – it’s your space – use it to form the best description of yourself. Be creative and put some thought into it. Above all be honest! One point that I can’t stress enough is honesty, resist the temptation to stretch the truth.

Writer’s block? I do know what it’s like to try to write a compelling “about me” and “what I look for in a match” paragraph. It may seem daunting and you may think that it’s too much like bragging… well in a lot of ways it is! This may sound funny, but think of it as selling yourself. The whole point is to attract matches. So, start with positive thoughts and pretend that you’re trying to “sell” all of your great qualities and achievements. Again, be honest about yourself and what you’re looking for in a match – what attracts you. Be up front and honest about your intentions as well. Let it be known what you’re looking for – whatever it may be.

Post those fabulous thoughts! Okay, now it’s time to put those thoughts into a paragraph or two. This may be of some help – Think of a minimum of 5 adjectives that describe you, your personality, your looks, and your lifestyle. Now form them into a descriptive paragraph or use them in one sentence. Here is an example – “My friends would describe me as a fun and spontaneous person. I love to live each day to the fullest and participate in extreme sports like sky diving and rock climbing. When in a relationship my match should know that I am very affectionate and trustworthy.”

Personal safety. Remember to always remain anonymous in your profile.

Use good common sense and intuition, if someone makes you feel uncomfortable for any reason don’t hesitate to move on. There really aren’t any sets of rules that define how long you should exchange messages or phone calls before you personally meet someone face to face. However, keep in mind that no matter the length of time that you’ve made contact, or how friendly this person may seem, they still should be considered a stranger. When the time arises always, always, always meet in a public place. A good example would be a dinner date – meet at a restaurant within a busy shopping center. Everyone knows that you’re an adult, but tell a family member or friend about your plans. Tell them where you’re going and give any or all contact information that you have about the person you’re meeting.

It’s really easy to create an attractive online dating profile, just keep in mind to be yourself, be honest, be creative and be safe!

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