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This article guarantees a perfect date with the Russian ladies.. and even more dates to come.

A recent study revealed that men are willing to spend big money on a first date with Russian ladies. This guide would ensure that the experience would be worth every penny.

Make Russian Ladies Laugh

russian ladiesDoing stand-up comedy is quite far from being funny with a date. Stand-up comedy usually involves one person doing all the joking and requires no interaction with the audience. Hence, if you’re on a date, be comical, but not a stand-up comic.

To be funny you need to have a good feeling about your date. If you do not feel at ease, your attempt in trying to be humorous would come across as awkward and unnatural.

Amusing stories are more entertaining, as compared to jokes that she may actually have already heard from other guys she has dated. Russian ladies react fervently if it is obvious that you are disclosing something that you experienced, which was really funny. Russian ladies like good-natured comicality. It is less difficult to make Russian ladies smile if you talk about something extraordinary as to saying something crappy.

Do not be afraid to say something that may not be hilarious. If you say it and it did not go well, it is all right. Some of the best comedians share that they sometimes try their jokes on their partners, and many of their quips failed to make the ladies laugh. Still, women find them adorable. Just don’t act weird to be funny, and you’ll be fine.

Also, do not be so hard on yourself if things go poorly sometimes. You should not let these moments get to you and allow them to stress you out. There will be times when you would find yourself reflecting on the things you said and you’d be like, why the heck did I say that?! But it happens to everyone. Laughter is best when it comes out easy. It feels better when she is expressing her amusement all through your narration, and not just at that one punchline.

Hold Off on the Sex Talk

If she ends up drinking and laughing with you halfway through your date, sex can be in the offing. Still, talking about sex on the first date would make her feel pressured. Instead, tell her how much you don’t want the night to end. It sounds more romantic.

If she allows you in her house when you take her home, do not make a conclusion that she wants to have sex. Men who are ahead of the game take things one step at a time. As an alternative to sex, give her a kiss that would leave her wanting more.

As you walk into her door, don’t say anything. When she turns to you, waiting for you to say something, hold her hand, look into her eyes, and tell her how incredible she is. When she initiates the moves, play along for a bit but stop as soon as she starts undressing you or herself. Again, hold her, look into her eyes, and say, I really, really want to do this with you now, but you are special; so I am not going to push you into rushing things.

The idea might sound crazy, but if you’re after a long term relationship, this is the best way to start it. A decent woman doesn’t have sex on the first date. Or, she could be and she’s just too drunk that she’s willing to go all out with you. However, as soon as she wakes up, she would realize what she has done, and would most likely regret her actions. So, in an effort to forget about that time she lost control, she might not want to see you again.

So, delay your manly urges. Good things come to those who wait.

Where to Go, What to Do

Dining is already a given. You don’t go out on dates without eating. Choose a place where you’ll both love the food and where there’ll be plenty of opportunity for you to talk.

A place where there’s dancing would also be excellent. There is an erotic spirit and vigor to dancing, but it is, at the same time, acceptable and amenable. It is intimate but also cordial. However, you may need to pass up on dancing if you are bound to give her sore toes at the end of the night. Try karaoke instead if you both like singing.

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