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On June 5, 2016
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So you are very interested in dating Ukrainian women and are wondering why things are going much slower than you anticipated. In this article, we are going to take a look at the best tips for making yourself more attractive to Ukrainian women. Follow the tips, do additional research on your own, and you will see a change in your luck fast.

1. Dressing Well

Ukrainian womenUkrainian women are notorious for their beauty, and they want to date a man who is also conscious about what he wears. Smart casual is the best choice for going out with these ladies. A casual jeans and T-shirt look will not go over well here. If you aren’t the sharpest dresser, then look for advice online or visit stores that offer the services of a stylist. Also, upgrade your wardrobe if it proves necessary.

2. Being Confident

Nothing puts a woman off faster than someone who doesn’t have self-confidence. In this case, remember that you are a foreigner and don’t try to impress the ladies too much because you can put yourself in some embarrassing situations. Avoid trying to speak the language and remember to learn a thing or two about the Ukrainian culture before you go out.

3. Don’t Flaunt

Flaunting your money is another thing that won’t go over well with Ukrainian women. They got a bad wrap from the mail-order-bride boom and still can’t shake the negativity from it. So when you take them out, take them to nice but not overly expensive restaurants. The same goes for presents – they should not be expensive.

4. No Rushing

Ukrainian women don’t compare to Asian women who take things amazingly slowly, but they also don’t resemble American women who move very fast. Be patient when you take these ladies out. Don’t rush with intimacy; the right time will come along.

In Conclusion

Dating Ukrainian women can be a lot of fun if you go about it the right way. Knowing what the right way is takes learning some tips like the ones provided in this article. Remember our advice and you will do great on your dates.

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