Travelling from one side of the world to the other for love isn’t a rare sight. Lots of people get together through online dating and make the decision to move to a new country to be with their spouse. This transition isn’t always easy and sadly not many couples stay together after one party struggles with getting used to the new environment and trying to get over the culture shock. ukrainianwife

Usually the one who moves is the wife and the husbands need to understand that they must put in effort to help her adjust. It is very important to be supportive during this time.
If you are one of the guys who want to move your Ukrainian wife over yo your country then these tips are for you:

Tip nr.1 – If you can then take time off work.

Spend as much time with her as you can. This will help her cope better. While at home show her how you usually run the house and how things work. It’s also a good idea to show her the neighbourhood and what activities she can get involved in to occupy her time.

Tip nr.2 – English classes.

Even if your Ukrainian wife speaks some English it would be a great idea for her to learn more. This is a great way she can spend time when you’re at work. She’ll have something to do and people to talk to – she can make new friends.

Tip nr.3 – Introduce her to the family and encourage her to communicate with hers.

The fact that she will be homesick at first is understandable. Get her a proper computer and encourage her to call home and stay in touch. Also introduce her to your own family so she will feel like she belongs in her new environment.

Tip nr.4 – Be sensitive.

She will definitely need your moral support in the beginning. Make an effort to listen to her when she says she’s not comfortable with something. Typically the women don’t start working right away so you may be the sole provider for some time so make sure you get her everything she needs.

Tip nr.5 – Communication

This is the most important point of them all. Ukrainian women are used to getting to share their feelings when something is concerning them so you should be available when she wants to talk to you.

You’re in this together.

The first couple of months will not be easy for either of you, but remember you’re in it together and if you support each other you’ll adjust well and have a happy married life.

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