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Russia is always a point of interest to people. Especially so with men that are looking to date women from the Russian culture. Be it offline or online. They put in a lot of effort and time to various ways of meeting these women – going on Romance Tours, using dating portals, online chatting and so on but they don’t put in the same amount of time to learn about the culture where these women grew up. These men think that they should just go with what they already know but that doesn’t always work out. One should start with figuring out what are the myths and truths about a culture. Russian culture

5 Myths about the Russian culture.

1. There are lots of spies in Russia

This kind of thinking comes from popular media and the news war between the western and formerly communist states. There are far too many movies that tie Russians to spying on Americans and vice versa. The eternal mortal enemy concept is still hugely popular. Like every other country out there, Russia has their secret service but that doesn’t mean they have more spies than anyone else.

2. Drinking a lot of Vodka

This one can be labelled true. Russians do in fact enjoy drinking vodka. That applies to parties, family get-togethers and definitely to the winter. It is very cold in Russia in the winter time and vodka is seen as a way to keep warm. Vodka is such a huge part of Russia’s history and that means Russians have developed a greater tolerance to alcohol. Naturally this doesn’t mean that everyone drinks and that they do that every day but there definitely is a lot of drinking in Russia.

3. Russian women go for rich, older guys

The truth in this one boils down to each woman’s preference. There definitely are women that prefer older guys to younger guys because they are more mature and financially stable. Also the mail order bride topic is still relevant in Russia today but it doesn’t apply to every Russian woman. Not every young Russian female is dying for a ticket to get out of the country.

4. All Russian women are hot

This one is mostly true. You must admit that most Russian women really look amazing. They put tons of effort into looking great and on top of that there are the genetics. Looking great is key in the Russian culture because women that don’t look put together aren’t respected too much. It is a cultural thing.

5. Russians are cold to strangers

This one isn’t true. People often assume that because there isn’t a lot of smiling going on on the streets. It just isn’t a thing between strangers. Russians are actually very warm and supportive people but they reserve smiles for family and friends. Once you’re in their circle it will become very clear to you.

Try not taking this part too seriously if you’re a foreigner don’t take offence to that. It’s just that your cultures are very different.

Have you been there?

These are some of the myths explained about Russian culture. Do you have any experiences with Russians you’d like to share with us? Leave your comments below. Come back soon for more dating tips.

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