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On October 17, 2015
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You are most likely reading this article because you are interested in dating Russian ladies and want to know what kind of guys are they into. On the surface these women can seem cold and distant but underneath there is plenty of fire, passion and toughness. You nee to know how you can melt the ice between you and them and the following list will help you out:

Russian women are not interested in: Cheap guys

That does not mean they are interested in millionaires only. No. What you need to do is to show her that you are making an Russian ladieseffort to impress her. Something that is important with these ladies. Note that what you get her does not need to be expensive at all. Simply paying on the first date, getting her chocolate or flowers the next time, maybe a teddy bear after that – these
things demonstrate that you are thinking about her.

Other gift ideas:

Upon visiting her family, bring small gifts to everyone. Flowers are a great idea for the mother and grandmother, a bottle of alcohol is great for the father and grandfather and candy is a great idea for kids. If you are still at a loss as to what to bring the family then just ask your date.

Russian women are not interested in: Guys who easily quit

The thrill of the chase is something that Russian women expect you to be interested in. They are very much interested in being pursued. It has to do with pride for them: you can’t just bag a hot Russian woman. It takes effort!
So from time to time they may come across too cold, but pursue them anyway. Don’t give up because these women don’t go with those who quit.

Tip for when you’re dating: Do research because Russian culture differs greatly from your own. You could seriously offend her by not doing something or doing something you shouldn’t. Brush up your knowledge.

Russian women are not interested in: Guys who cheat

Naturally, no woman wants to be cheated on but Russian ladies take it to a whole new level due to the culture they are used to. Once your Russian date starts feeling like you are a couple then you must commit to her. There is no dating several people at the same time with Russian ladies. It is somewhat accepted in the west but no way does it work in Russia.

So when exactly are you officially dating? Usually going beyond five dates. Hopefully you found these tips useful and good luck with your dating life.