Surely you’re aware that online dating safety is important. It’s time to gather even more knowledge about how to stay safe. There are numerous ways you can get scammed on the web and online dating is definitely very high on the list. It is common that someone pretends to be who they are not, make you fall in love and ask you to send them cash or gifts. You may think that you’re much smarter than that and you wouldn’t let someone take advantage of you of but everyone that has had this happen to them says it hit them out of the blue. They weren’t ready. online dating safety

That is why it is essential that you are aware of safety tips. They are very simple and especially for those that have been online dating before but they work great for less experienced people as helpful reminders:

Tip #1: Too many details
Setting up an online dating profile you want to express who you are as a person but here it is possible to hand out too much information that can put your safety at risk. Here’s an example writing: “I visit this awesome spot every Friday.” Sounds harmless, doesn’t it? But if you have a closer look this means having seen this information and maybe some pictures of you, someone could go to your favourite spot and spot you! You may not want to disclose your whereabouts to everyone.

What to do about this? – Simply scan your profile info and make sure you don’t give out too much personal data

Tip #2: Personal info

This is simple – NEVER give out personal information. We mean your phone number, address, bank info and so forth. If some woman you are talking to ask for it in the first few meetings you have perfectly good reason to be very suspicious. Don’t let your guard down too much and keep in mind that scammers are very smooth with how they operate.

What to do about this? – You can always ask help from the site you are on. These portals have decades of experience in the industry in detecting scammers and their customer support knows exactly what to do about suspicious activity.

Tip #3: – Protect your money

This is a crucial rule with online dating: do not send any money to a stranger. Even if you have spent a lot of time talking to them. If you don’t know them personally, don’t wire anything over. Even in a situation where a woman has become your girlfriend you still shouldn’t send anything over if you haven’t met her. Because you live so far away, you are unable to double check their identity and if the reason for asking money is valid. It is best to keep from trying to help financially help anyone.

What to do about this? – When you come across someone who asks you for money, report the person to the site. It is understandably difficult if you’ve already spent a lot of time talking to someone but reporting them is a must.

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We have more tips lined up explaining what you need to be mindful of when online dating so check back soon for part two.

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