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On December 20, 2015
Last modified:December 20, 2015


Dating Russian ladies online is very popular. Most likely all thanks to the mail order bride boom that took place some time ago. Lots of western men are very interested in getting themselves a Russian girlfriend these days. If you are serious about this, then the best idea is to do as much research online as you can. This article can be a great starting point for you as it lists four mistakes you should avoid when dating these gorgeous ladies.

1. Flaunting your money.

Russian ladiesRussian women got a bad wrap with the mail order bride issue – lots of people began to think that they are nothing but gold diggers. You don’t want to make her think that you believe the same thing. If you are too keen on showing off your financial capability, then you are doing just that. How about being much more humble. You can still be romantic and take her out to dinner. Just not to unusually expensive restaurants. The same goes for gifts – don’t spend a lot of money on them. A box of chocolate or a nice bouquet of flowers will do just fine.

2. Falling in love with an idea.

Falling for an idea happens to a lot of people when they get involved with online dating. There are so many gorgeous Russian women around, and it may get difficult to stay level headed. We recommend that you don’t go for the first attractive person that writes to you but rather date several. Also don’t project your way of seeing things onto relationships – a common thing that occurs.

3. Making decisions too quickly.

There is something about the online dating world that makes people so comfortable that they rush into making important decisions. Decisions about meeting up face to face half across the world, decisions about when to ask someone to go steady with you or when to get engaged. You may regret some of these for the rest of your life.

4. Not showing interest in her culture.

Everyone loves it if a foreigner takes an interest in their culture. It couldn’t be any different – to understand better the person you are chatting to; you need to know about their background. Not taking any interest in it because you are too occupied with talking about your culture or anything else will put these ladies off.


Before you get into online dating gorgeous Russian ladies, you should put some time in learning about how to go about it. Learn as much about their culture and what their everyday life is like. This way you will have better chances with them.