A lot of guys are interested in dating Russian women, be it online or offline. However, it can be an uphill battle if they don’t inform themselves about the Russian culture before dating these ladies. What you want to do is be smart about it and gain some knowledge beforehand. Let’s take a look at what the most important things to know about dating Russian women are:

1. Russian ladies are all about looking their best.

dating Russian womenOne of the reasons so many men would love to be dating Russian women is that they are truly feminine. Looking their absolute best is a must, even if it’s just for going to the supermarket. In other countries that would entail wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and random boots – but not with Russian ladies. Taking care of their appearance is essential.

2. The culture of gift giving.

It is very common to get people presents in the Russian culture. You are supposed to give gifts for almost every occasion imaginable. So when you take a Russian woman out on a date, bring her either a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates. If you want to go all out, then getting her both isn’t a bad idea either. Make sure that what you get isn’t all that expensive, though. Otherwise, it seems like you’re trying to impress her with your money and that will not go over well.

3. Being a good man.

Russian women expect to be treated well by their dates. That is an expectation everywhere, of course, but in Russia, you don’t get away with being a macho in any way. Instead, be a gentleman – open doors for your date, help her to her seat – you know the deal. On the first couple of dates, you should offer to pay the bill. Later on, you can go dutch if you like.

4. Defining romantic relationships.

When you start dating someone in Russia, it becomes exclusive rather fast. There isn’t any dating of several people like you may find in other countries – relationships move faster than elsewhere. In some respect, it is a great thing about dating Russian women because that means there is no beating around the bush, and you both know where you stand.

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