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On May 10, 2015
Last modified:January 25, 2019


This can be a very broad topic since there are so many different cultures in Europe. In the online dating world though, lots of men focus on dating Eastern-European ladies like Ukrainian women, Russian women, Serbian women and so on. What should one expect when they want to seriously date or marry a European woman?

Here’s a list from out experience:

Family Comes First

Most of these women are very interested in settling down and creating a family. Though they typically have an interest in finishing their education and pursuing some sort of a career it isn’t unusual that they set this aside for some time. This doesn’t apply to all women, of course, but most of them want this kind of fairytale life.

Women in Society

Gender roles are still going relatively strong in the Eastern European countries. Both men and women are aware of what their role is and they don’t resist fulfilling them. This is probably why so many Western guys are looking to date women from that region. This kind of conservative way of living is very attractive to them. Women are very feminine and love to be that way.

Pride in Their Country

People in general are very patriotic in that part of the world. Their culture means everything to them. They keep to their traditions and celebrate all holidays. Expect to have to participate in all of them unless you want to come across incredibly rude.

How Does it Sound?

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