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On September 29, 2015
Last modified:January 25, 2019


Everyone has at least some kind of an idea of what they want their future partner to be like and that includes European women. Through stereotypes, European women are expected to desire a Prince Charming. A man who is perfect in looks, finances and everything else. However, it is not something that we noticed when we conducted our research into this topic. Our research shows the following things:

1. They Like Sensitive Guys

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise. Unfortunately this word has been somewhat ruined through associating with meaning weak, too soft, sappy and so on. What is meant by sensitive here is someone who can be considerate to how the other person feels. More accurate words associated with “sensitive” are “empathy”, “caring” and “understanding”.

2. They Want Decisive Guys

European women want partnership: they want a guy that treats them like an equal. To some people this may also sound like having to be too soft. Especially so for people with a more traditional upbringing where it is the norm for the guy to make all the decisions. These ladies want someone balanced: a guy who can make decisions and isn’t overbearing.Foreign National Wife

3. They Want Financial Stability

These women want someone with a stable income. This has to do with feeling secure about your finances. Especially if you want to create a family in the future. It is likely that she will be the one taking time off work so she can be with the kids and you will be the main breadwinner.

4. The Want Respect

Respect is key in relationships with a European woman. In order for you to gain her respect, you must respect her. She has her own dreams and wants to pursue them and your job is to be there for her.

Not Too Different

Doesn’t matter which culture you are focusing on. People want very similar things in a partnership. A person that is caring, has a nice personality, has a secure life and has respect for us. So European ladies are no different here.