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On March 2, 2016
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Every culture brings something unique to the table. For example, Italy is known for its pizza, France is known for fashion, England is known for humour and so on. Another country situated in Europe that stands out is Russia. Let’s have a look at what are some of the things that Russians happen to be better at than the rest
of us.

The list that we provide here isn’t conclusive so you may want to do further research on your own.

1. Palaces

RussiaTake a look at cities such as Moscow or St Petersburg and you will see unbelievable sights. The architecture of the palaces in breathtaking. One noteworthy palace is named the Peterhof Palace. Located in the town of Peterhof St, Petersburg, the Peterhof Palace is also known as “the Russian Versailles”. It was built in 1725 on the orders of Peter the Great.
That isn’t the only palace to visit, have a look at other ones online.

2. Ballett

It cannot be denied, Russia is and always has been at the top of the ladder when it comes to ballet. The dancers and shows are famous all around the globe. Not to mention the many unbelievable choreographers. We’ve all seen at least one Russian ballet.

3. Vodka

When it comes to pure alcohol, Russians are the masters. Especially so with vodka. It has been around longer than any other drink and is used for a variety of situations. For parties, of course, but also as medicine and as a way to stay warm on long winter nights. Note that not everyone is okay with drinking vodka, but you will see a bottle on the table at most events.

4. Superstition

It’s difficult to find a nation with more superstitions than Russians. They have so many of them it ‘s hard to keep track. A lot of them have to do with relationships and love, but things such as disasters and death also play a key role.

5. Gymnastics

Even if you aren’t a fan of it – you have probably caught Olympics or the like on TV and have noticed the multitude of talented Russian gymnasts. Throughout history, Russians have dominated the field, and if recent events don’t spoil things, they will continue to outperform everyone else.

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