cheatingIn today’s modern world, relationships are constantly put under strain. Long working hours, stressful day to day life, the swipe-right mentality caused by apps such as Tinder and Badoo. Not to mention the fast-paced, disposable attitude towards intimate relationships. All of these factors combined have lead to a situation where we see divorce rates soaring and increasing numbers of people embarking on extramarital affairs. So what exactly constitutes as cheating in today’s terms? In today’s article, we will explore the different stages of what could be considered infidelity.

Sending Messages and Liking Photos On Social Media

That is considered by some as a new form of cheating. It has been likened to the electronic version of catcalling and whistling and is being cited in a growing number of divorce cases in the Western world. But is innocently clicking the like button an unfaithful act? Some seem to think it is, so follow our advice and think before you click.

The World of Sexting

Sexting is a word that has found its way into our everyday lexicon. It is loosely defined as sending messages and or pictures of a sexual nature with the intent to stimulate the recipient. Although there is no physical contact, it is widely considered as a form of emotional betrayal.

Taking an Ex Out For a Coffee

I think lots of us have been tempted to meet up with an ex for a coffee. Or even go for an innocent drink with a stranger while being in a relationship. Does this sort of rendezvous consist as cheating? Most people would argue that yes if any element of attraction is present and if your current partner is not aware of the meeting, it constitutes as cheating.


There is a lot of debate about whether kissing is considered as infidelity. Most people believe that any form of intimate contact with someone who is not your partner is being unfaithful, while others would say that as it is not as intimate as sexual contact, it should not be treated in the same way. We would advise to play it safe and to keep your lips sealed.

Seeking Sexual Comfort

I think it would be safe to say that sexual contact and intercourse with someone who is not your partner would be unanimously considered as cheating. Our advice on this is not to do it. Seeking sexual comfort in someone else is a sign of problems in a relationship. But that does not justify knowingly deceiving and inflicting pain on someone else. Instead of searching for comfort elsewhere, try and resolve your problems and if you cannot, end the relationship in an adult manner before exploring other options.

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