European women

The first thing that you need to know about European women is this: what they need in a man will depend on where they are in life. For example, if they’re young and are really into having fun, they just might want to date around, and so the kind of man they would want to meet is someone who’s fun-loving and a blast to be around. If they’re of age with a great career, they might just want to settle down, so the kind of man they’re looking for is someone who’s responsible and mature. read more


date with a Polish woman

Polish women are very popular on the dating market because of their natural beauty and their attitude towards personal relationships. After you have met a wonderful woman and want to ask her out on a date, you need to consider several cultural differences you will have to face. The best thing to do is research on the Polish dating culture and get some helpful tips. To help you get started we have listed 4 of the most common mistakes men make when on a first date with a Polish woman. read more

3 Online Dating Safety Tips You Must Keep in Mind (Part 1)

online dating safety

Surely you’re aware that online dating safety is important. It’s time to gather even more knowledge about how to stay safe. There are numerous ways you can get scammed on the web and online dating is definitely very high on the list. It is common that someone pretends to be who they are not, make you fall in love and ask you to send them cash or gifts. You may think that you’re much smarter than that and you wouldn’t let someone take advantage of you of but everyone that has had this happen to them says it hit them out of the blue. They weren’t ready. read more

Do Polish Ladies Bother about Age Difference When Marrying

Polish women had a difficult life; they have always been put on the pedestal due to the countries anarchy, unlike the Western women. Polish women are known for their strength. These women are cherished as homemakers. They turn out to be great mothers and good wives. They understand the importance of family and are willing to sacrifice for their family. They understand the worth of the family have an interest in taking care of their home. read more

Read This if You Date a Russian Woman!

One way to get to know a nation better is by moving somewhere abroad and getting to know the residents. If that’s not possible, the second best way to achieve this is by trying to date a Russian woman. Going out with people from other countries may be an idea that the majority of men have never even considered, but it does have its benefits if you do it. Just think of everything there is to learn. This is mostly because females tend to be more happy with sharing their thoughts and beliefs in private contexts than in any other. read more