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On July 26, 2013
Last modified:January 25, 2019


This post will help you provide solutions to some problems that you may face when dating a Russian woman.

Nowadays, it has become quite popular to look for a Russian woman, build romantic relations with her, and get married to her. There are even a large number of websites where you can not only see the picture of your future bride, but you can also communicate with her through chats, and see her with the help of video conferencing. However, because of some traditional and cultural differences,  it sometimes becomes difficult to understand and approach a Russian woman.

Russian woman likes to get pampered by her partner

If you are a western man looking for a Russian woman, here are a few useful tips to make your search successful.

  • Are Russian women different from women of other countries:  There are all types of people living in this world. And, definitely, there is a lot of cultural difference among them. Russian ladies truly have some special traits that make them different from other women. The most significant trait is that they are very caring towards their family. They look after themselves prudently, and take care to maintain and carry themselves decently at all times.  Usually, their career is less important for them than their home, kids, and husbands.


  • Attracting a Russian Woman: Russian women like men who are neat and well-attended. They don’t like men with unkempt hair, untidy clothes, and dirty shoes. They need a shoulder to cry on during tough times. This makes them feel secure and enriches their trust and loyalty towards their men. If you are self-confident, trustworthy, and a dedicated man, you will surely win their hearts. Russian women want their men to be brave and strong with other men, but kind and tender with her.


  • Impressing a Russian Woman: Every girl likes to get pampered by her partner. Unluckily, Russian women do not get this enough from Russian men. They have a romantic fantasy deep in their heart. There is no need to give her expensive gifts to impress her. Differing from other woman, she doesn’t need diamonds and classy jewelry. A simple candlelight dinner with sweets words and champagne is sure to sweep her off her feet. A bouquet of roses, a surprise visit, and your confession of love for her is enough to make her fall head-over-heels in love with you. They love surprises, and they value your attention more than any other thing in the world.


  • Make her laugh: Nobody likes boring and dull men. A Russian woman also wants her partner to make her laugh and keep her happy. She loves to smile, and want to have a peaceful, calm and happy ambiance in her home. However, men should remember to draw a line when being humorous with a Russian girl. They do like humour, but in a healthy way. She won’t like it if you make fun of her. If you are basically a boring and quiet person, you should learn some techniques to make yourself interesting. You can bring up some funny incidents to share with her. Or, you can also tell her any of the amusing films at the cinema that you have watched in the recent past.


You will conquer your Russian woman’s heart by making both your communication and your first meeting unforgettable and loving. She will fall for you if you turn a simple evening into something extraordinary where she can feel very special.


Alex Vidal