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On December 11, 2015
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Family is hugely importan in the Ukrainian culture. Ukrainians are very connected and close to their family so if you are serious about your relationship with your Ukrainian girlfriend then you need to know how this unit thinks and what the family dymamics are. They may differ a bit from one family to the next but the core values are usually the same. This article offers you helpful tips about how to win over her family.

1. Forget about being too sensitive.

Ukrainian girlfriendUkrainian families are different in the way that when their loved one announces that she is dating someone – they don’t automatically jump with joy. Foreign men aren’t held in high regard over there just yet and families still kind of prefer to have their members marry Ukrainians. They will ask plenty of questions, make very straightforward comments and not hold back their skepticism about you. Even though it is hard – try to not take it too personally.

2. Forcing it will not result in success.

The pressure of leaving a good impression on your girlfriend’s family is huge. If you worry too much, it will show. You will get too nervous and say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing. Just focus on breathing and remember that the girl loves you and there are many reasons why you are the perfect guy for her.

3. Frequent visits.

If you want your girlfriend’s family to get to know you and trust you then you need to be around as much as you can. If it happens that you are in a long distance relationship then frequent visits to the country is a must. It may feel like a lot to take on – both emotionally and financially but if you’re in it for the long haul, then it is necessary.

4. Keep your promises.

Come up with ways you can show her family that you are a reliable person. That means you show up when you said you would, being honest with your intentions and so on. Reliability is one of the most attractive features a person can have.

5. Keep her happy

All a family ever wants is for it’s members to be happy. Your job is keeping your Ukrainian girlfriend happy. That is by far the best way to impress her family. As mentioned – their families are very tight knit so word about how good of a partner you are will travel fast.


These tips are perfect for getting your Ukrainian girlfriend‘s family accept you. Be prepared – it will take time and effort but if you keep with it you will see success soon.