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Russian women

We have all heard some stories about Russian women. Some of them are good while others completely puzzling. Let’s assume that you are interested in dating these ladies and want to know which of these stories are true and which are some crazy stereotypes. This article lists several myths about Russian women and explains what the truth is. Let’s have a look. read more


Russian culture
Russian culture

Russia is always a point of interest to people. Especially so with men that are looking to date women from the Russian culture. Be it offline or online. They put in a lot of effort and time to various ways of meeting these women – going on Romance Tours, using dating portals, online chatting and so on but they don’t put in the same amount of time to learn about the culture where these women grew up. These men think that they should just go with what they already know but that doesn’t always work out. One should start with figuring out what are the myths and truths about a culture.  read more

The Rules of Russian Online Dating

Russian Online Dating Tips

Like relationships in general, Russian online dating comes with its own set of rules and guidelines about how to act. Even though the rules are generally the same, there are a few things to consider with regards to online dating. Whether you’re new to international dating or just in need of some help, below are a few tricks to help you succeed. read more

Top Reasons to Date Hot Russian Women

Why do men want to date hot Russian women

The world is an amazing place with so many wonderful people in it. Every man will admit that the most beautiful creation in the world is the female form and that there’s nothing more attractive than a gorgeous girl in a sexy outfit. Since almost anyone has access to internet these days, more and more men want to date hot Russian women. In fact, international dating is so popular these days that you can find hundreds of dating websites offering different matchmaking services. read more