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How to Approach Russian Women

If you find yourself at the end of the rope when it comes to approaching beautiful Russian women, all you need to do is get a clue and develop some nerves. Don’t let your racing heart or your sweaty palms get in the way.

You must approach her with a blast, leaving an enduring impression so strong that even if you don’t end up together, she will have a fond memory of you. Below are some of the best ways to successfully approach a woman that guarantee a positive response. read more

Cultural Differences To Be Aware Of When Dating Russian Women

If you have no idea how to go about things, dating Russian women can be an uphill battle. There are similarities that women all over the globe have, but most of the behaviour is still influenced by the cultural background. Let’s take a look at what you should know about the Russian culture before dating Russian women. read more


Russian culture

Every culture is unique with their own special traditions, holidays and societally accepted norms. In Russia, people do some thing very differently from us, westerners. This article lists a couple of differences found in the Russian culture.

1. Being Punctual

Us in the west are very much time oriented. There are plenty of sayings such as “Time is money” and “Time is gold.” These saying are almost taken literally. When a meeting is said to start at 2PM it will start at that time. Five minutes wasted will make some short fused people rather angry. read more


In the realm of online dating, Russian women rank very high on the list of prospective partners and wives. That is mainly because of the attractive qualities they possess. Now, let’s say you’ve met a woman from Russia and plan to meet her for the first face to face meeting. This article offers helpful tips about what may come your way when visiting your Russian date. read more