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Top Tips on Dating a Russian Woman

Nowadays, it has become quite popular to look for a Russian woman, build romantic relations with her, and get married to her. There are even a large number of websites where you can not only see the picture of your future bride, but you can also communicate with her through chats, and see her with the help of video conferencing. However, because of some traditional and cultural differences,  it sometimes becomes difficult to understand and approach a Russian woman. read more

Be the Perfect Date to Russian Ladies

russian ladies

A recent study revealed that men are willing to spend big money on a first date with Russian ladies. This guide would ensure that the experience would be worth every penny.

Make Russian Ladies Laugh

Doing stand-up comedy is quite far from being funny with a date. Stand-up comedy usually involves one person doing all the joking and requires no interaction with the audience. Hence, if you’re on a date, be comical, but not a stand-up comic. read more

Russian Ladies Dating: First Time Sex

russian ladies dating

Russian ladies dating for the first time are sometimes afraid to get intimate, for fear of getting hurt or not knowing how to do it right. Well, making love for the first time can really be scary for several reasons.

The average age at which both guys and girls lose their virginity is 16; however, statistical figures are not really important. What’s imperative is to not rush into having sex and to make sure that you wait for the perfect moment. If you choose to take pleasure in your first time – first time ever or first time with Russian ladies dating you, you have to make sure that you both want to do it. Do not pressure her or yourself because stress will not help you feel at ease, making penetration arduous. read more