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How To Create an Attractive Online Dating Profile

online dating profile

Consider this when creating your online dating profile – Your profile should be one of the best representations of yourself that you can create in attracting a match online.

Your Profile Picture

Try to use your most recent picture. It’s important that your profile picture show a clear in-focus image of your face.

To smile or not to smile? A person’s smile is a friendly and approachable gesture. I know from my own experience that I am more attracted to men who smile in their pictures, then men who don’t. So, go ahead and show off those pearly whites!

“I wear my sunglasses at night”… Whether or not you’re a product of the 80’s you’ll probably know this song by Corey Hart. Sure, you look cool wearing your sunglasses during the day – or even at night if you so choose, but try not to post a picture with them on. Eyes are one of the best features on a face – show them off baby!!

Your Additional Pictures read more

Online Dating Mistakes To Avoid At All Cost

Most people don’t think ahead when they get involved with online dating. They simply think that there isn’t much to it. That all it must take is finding a portal, signing up and then going through profiles. It is a bit more complicated than that. There are several mistakes online dating newbies make that hinder their potential success. In this article, we are going to take a look at what those mistakes are. Do any of the following sound familiar to you? read more


It is very possible to get so caught up in the moment when you’re online dating that you forget to pay attention to the quality of your own experience and the experience your behaviour offers to others. These little online dating mistakes are almost unnoticeable and happen with both – men and women. Since these mistakes are tiny it isn’t too difficult to eradicate them. Let’s have a look and see if some of these are familiar to you. read more


dating Slavic women

Are you acquainted with Slavic internet dating sites?

Good for you for taking an active approach to finding love. Surely you’re excited to meet and date a beautiful Slavic woman so here are several suggestions which could help you start your journey to discovering real love in Ukraine.

1. Joining a portal will not guarantee a great experience. read more