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Russian beauty

Because of cultural differences it isn’t always easy to tell if your Russian beauty is flirting back or simply being friendly. Because of that we need to have a look at the Russian dating culture. There’s good news on that – Russian way of dating is very straight forward. There are no games and there is no dragging someone along. After reading this article you will be able to tell if she is flirting back. read more

5 Things That Can Help Your Ukrainian Wife Get Over Culture Shock


Travelling from one side of the world to the other for love isn’t a rare sight. Lots of people get together through online dating and make the decision to move to a new country to be with their spouse. This transition isn’t always easy and sadly not many couples stay together after one party struggles with getting used to the new environment and trying to get over the culture shock. read more

3 Online Dating Safety Tips You Must Keep in Mind (Part 1)

online dating safety

Surely you’re aware that online dating safety is important. It’s time to gather even more knowledge about how to stay safe. There are numerous ways you can get scammed on the web and online dating is definitely very high on the list. It is common that someone pretends to be who they are not, make you fall in love and ask you to send them cash or gifts. You may think that you’re much smarter than that and you wouldn’t let someone take advantage of you of but everyone that has had this happen to them says it hit them out of the blue. They weren’t ready. read more