Most women are interested in romance. What’s more seductive than being sweet with words? This may sound complicated because your Russian lady speaks a different language but if you put effort into it then success is guaranteed.
russian lady
It is not very customary in the Russian culture to be very expressive but it is definitely impressive when a foreign guy tries to speak the language. Russians are very proud people and this is a great sign of respect. We have put together a compilation of sentences you can use when you’re chatting to a hot Russian woman via the AnastasiaDate’s services:

Phrase #1: You are very beautiful.

Never mind how corny this sounds and how often this phrase is used. You will stand out from the other guys if you do this in Russian. The sentence is: “Ты такая красивая” and it is pronounced: “Ty takaya krasivaya”.

Phrase #2: Saying she’s your angel.

This goes together well with the first sentence and can be used as an adorable pet name. This one is particularly flattering. The sentence is “Ангел мой” and it’s pronounced “Angel moy”. We selected this phrase because there are so many positive things that it describes. Angelic beauty, angelic grace, elegance, femininity.

Phrase #3: The polite: “How do you do?”

This one can be used by itself or combined with the angel phrase. It comes across so well: “How are you, my angel?”. “How are you?” is “Здaвствуйте! Как делa?” pronounced “Zdravstvuyte! Kak dela? Sounds complicated but simply practice it.
The combined version is “Как поживаете, мой ангел?” and it’s pronounced “Kak pozhivayete, angel moy?”.

Phrase #4: I knew I would find you!

This phrase is appropriate if you’re already certain that the woman you’ve been chatting to is the one for you. This is incredibly romantic. The sentence is “Я знал, что найду тебя”. In Russian the phrase goes: “Ya znal, chto naydu tebya”. Don’t worry about it seeming so difficult. Just keep practising.

Phrase #5: I’ll see you soon.

This is a great phrase to use if you’re done chatting. We figure that goodbye is too simple and sounds too much like “end of story” in Russian so you should go with this instead. The sentence is “До скорого свидания” and it is pronounced “Do skorogo svidaniya”.

Stick to it!

We know it isn’t easy at first but practise makes perfect! Try them and impress your Russian lady.