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This article would help you deal with Russian women who have a different sexual drive with yours.

You can’t wait to do it, but she prefers to go read a book. Or, it could also be the other way around. Either way, we have all experienced this. In time, contradicting sexual desire causes a distinctly formidable dynamic, with the partner who desires some action feeling disappointed and bitter, and the one who prefers quiet time feeling ashamed and guilty.

russian womenClashing sexual desire happens in almost all relationships. In general, Russian women, like all other women, are less likely to be sexual. A typical man is designed biologically to be sexual nearly all the time. It isn’t like that with average Russian women. Males maximize their DNA by being sexual with as many women as possible in a short span of time. Females, on the other hand, are programmed to find one man who is supposed to give them a few offspring. So, there is a biological basis to the differences in the sexual instinct of men and Russian women.

One example is a man who’s in his early 30’s. Normally, he’s estimated to be sexual two to three times a week. However, he only gets sexual with his partner approximately once a month. So what should he do the rest of the time? Well, this is where masturbation comes in. Research shows that the average man has, in a week, at least 3 means of sexual release, including extra marital affairs and masturbation. Apparently, the guy is going to feel quite ill-disposed if he is forced to depend on appeasing the cheese or finding other Russian women. Or rather, it sometimes pressures the woman into having sex even though her heart is not really in to it.

So what do you do?

It is all about compromise. It needs an acceptance on both parties that there is an issue. It is curious how couples almost never talk candidly about their sexual desires. They merely give cues, or assume their partner knows what should be done.

If you and you partner’s sexual needs go in different directions, and it is threatening your relationship, you should talk about it. And even after discussing it and you seem to still not reach an agreement, it is best that you consult a reliable sex therapist. It does not mean that because you’re seeing a sex therapist, there is something terribly wrong with the two of you. It’s just that having a third person to confide in, and who’s an expert at that, can make a big difference to what is going on.

Still, many guys take matters into their own hands through extra marital sex. Countless men who are sexually driven can be described as sex addicts. Experts say that they rarely get to talk to a man who would state his reason for having an affair is because his partner refuses to be sexual with him. Hence, most affairs are perhaps caused by other things. Although, if the woman does not want to be sexual with her partner, can she really count on him to abstain from any sexual activity?

Nevertheless, there are times when it is the man who doesn’t want to get sexual. Men like this have what is referred to as sexual aversion disorder, in which the man removes himself from sexual situations. This could be extremely complicated for Russian women, or all women in general. If a woman’s partner holds back from being sexual with her, she would feel unappealing and unwanted.

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