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You will learn how to read a woman's body language.

A guy exhibits only a few indicators that he is attracted to someone. On the other hand, a girl, especially a Russian woman, is easier to read through her body language. Hence, men have the advantage to know beforehand if they have a fighting chance with the women they are dating. Read on to learn how you can tell if the woman you are dating is into you.

russian womanThe eyes of your date can say many things. If she keeps glancing around the room or if she’s not making eye contact, it means that she’s not interested with you.

However, if she keeps eye contact and you notice that her pupils are dilating, it signifies that she finds you appealing. This is because when we see something that we like, our pupils become larger, since our tendency is to want to see more of it.

This is an automatic physiological reaction of the body to a captivating stimulus. So make sure to constantly look into her eyes to check.

If a Russian woman likes you, she will try to go into your personal space while you’re talking. So if she appears to be a bit too near you, it’s likely to be deliberate.

This is her silent way of expressing her desire to be close to you. Also, if she pats your arms or shoulders lightly, tries to candidly hold your hand while she’s talking to you, bumps onto you softly, or leans on you, she’s showing a clear sign that she is fully attracted to you.

If she touches her hair while you’re together, take note of that, too. If she twirls a few strands on her finger, she’s trying to look coy and flirty, so she can have your attention. If she does the twirling really slowly, or if she gently glides her hand on her hair, she’s trying to seduce you. But, if she flips her hair impatiently or in a brisk manner, she’s probably anxious or nervous.

She may also twirl or touch her earrings or run her fingers on her necklace. Just like with her hair, she wants you to look at her. This is a good time to compliment her earrings, or necklace, or whatever it is she’s trying to draw your attention to.

The position of her body can also convey how she feels about you. When you’re talking to a Russian woman and her body faces you, it means that she likes you. However, if her body is angled to the side, it connotes that she wants to leave, if possible, now. Also, if she exposes her palms and wrists to you, it means that she’s comfortable with you and that she trusts you.

Exposing her palms and wrists is a woman’s subconscious demonstration of submissiveness. This is an expression used commonly by shy women.

You can also tell if she’s telling you the truth. If she blinks, flashes you a quick scowl, or licks her lips before talking, she may not be entirely truthful about what she’s saying.

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