Russian Woman Dating: Open Relationships

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On May 16, 2019
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With this post, a Russian woman dating guys who want an open relationship can gain insight on whether this type of arrangement will suit her.

A Russian woman dating a man from another country may opt to have an open relationship. An open relationship is a non-monogamous affair, which means that one or both partners are free to have sexual relations with other people.

You can refer to her as your girlfriend, and you her boyfriend, but you can still sleep with other girls, and she can still have sex with other guys. However, some are not keen into having this kind of dating relationship, while a few attest that it has actually brought them closer together and that it has very much improved their sex lives.

russian woman datingA few couples who are in an open relationship say that it boosts greater connection and honesty with their emotions. However, for some people who may not be aware of this, the idea of having your partner sleep with another person may be too much to handle, especially if she starts to have feelings with this other person.

Well, if you don’t mind losing the Russian woman dating you, then it’s probably okay; nevertheless, if you only agreed to this to sort of experiment, but you still want to keep your partner for a more serious relationship later on, then this might not be a good idea.

Some agree to an open relationship out of desperation to be with someone who doesn’t really like them that much. Like for example, a guy wants to be with this girl badly but she doesn’t really want to be in a relationship with him. And just so he can make her agree, he would propose an open relationship so she can still be free to go out with other guys.

Some people who have been heartbroken after a long term relationship may also be attracted with this arrangement, thinking that it would be nice, for a change, to play the field.

There are no exact figures on how many Russian women are okay with this type of relationship, but some do embrace this set-up. Also, this concept may seem appealing for most men, but if you are looking for a serious relationship, then it’s definitely not right for you. Nevertheless, if you are indeed looking for a Russian woman dating men who prefer an open relationship, you can mostly find them online.

You just have to remember that to make it work, it is very important that you both genuinely want this arrangement. It is not going to last if only one is really into it and the other just said yes so as to please the partner. After some time, the partner who’s just trying to be understanding will get sick of it, and will ultimately end their romantic affair.

To make an open relationship work with the Russian woman dating you, you have to be, first and foremost, honest and open with each other. You both have to be entirely truthful about your reasons why you want this set-up and what your plans are in making it work.

You may have to come up with some rules that the two of you should follow. For instance, you can only have sex with one other person in a span of one month; or, you can only have sex with someone the other partner doesn’t know personally; or, you can promise to only have sex with other people, but there should be no kissing on the mouth, just like in the movie Pretty Woman, where Julia Roberts’ character believes that kissing on the mouth should only be done with someone you have feelings for.

It is also recommended that if you are going to have an open relationship, you should live in together, so you can better keep tabs on each other. Also, you have to both agree that any sexual activity with other people apart from each other should never be done in your house.

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