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This article can help you if you're wondering about the perfect moment to have sex with the Russian ladies dating you.

Russian ladies dating for the first time are sometimes afraid to get intimate, for fear of getting hurt or not knowing how to do it right. Well, making love for the first time can really be scary for several reasons.

russian ladies datingThe average age at which both guys and girls lose their virginity is 16; however, statistical figures are not really important. What’s imperative is to not rush into having sex and to make sure that you wait for the perfect moment. If you choose to take pleasure in your first time – first time ever or first time with Russian ladies dating you, you have to make sure that you both want to do it. Do not pressure her or yourself because stress will not help you feel at ease, making penetration arduous.

Findings show that older people are far more likely to wait to have sex compared to younger people. This is especially true to those who went through the sexual revolution; those who have realized the hard way that there are emotional consequences when you enter into a sexual relationship.

Older daters generally have fun through a different set of dating rules, not similar to the 20-something crowd.

Some women give it up on the first date, others wait until the wedding night. Whatever the case, the length of time for waiting to have sex could be the determining factor on a relationship. Nevertheless, there are still other circumstances that cause people who date to grow further apart or become closer, regardless on how long they have been waiting to have sex. Not all couples are wondering about the right moment to have sex. If it’s meant to happen, it’ll come to pass.

Allow the connection between the two of you develop, and allow sex to come about organically, whether that takes a week, a month, or more. If you have been waiting for far too long, and she’s not quite there yet, it may be time to move on, since it seems that the two of you are not in sync. The so-called rules will not help you figure out the right time to have sex; it is your feelings and instinct that would do that.

Now, if you do get on and have sex for the first time, it is not uncommon to feel disappointed. Not all couples feel euphoric on their first attempt at lovemaking. There are various reasons why it’s not as blissful as you thought it would be, especially if the woman is a virgin. It could be that you felt pressured not to make her first experience painful that you’ve actually given up on giving yourself pleasure. Nonetheless, sex, like any other activity, gets better if you practice often. The more comfortable you get with each other, and the more you learn about each other’s pleasure zones, the more you will get satisfied with your sex life.

A word of caution though. Just because it is your first time, it does not mean that you don’t have to worry about protecting yourself. Always use a condom to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections, and to assure that she would not get pregnant when you’re not yet ready for a baby. She may use other methods of contraception to avoid pregnancy, but condoms are your only defense against both infections and unwanted pregnancies. So if you’re still not sure if she’s free from any sexually transmitted disease, a condom is still your best bet.

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