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The Rules of Russian Online Dating

Russian Online Dating Tips

Like relationships in general, Russian online dating comes with its own set of rules and guidelines about how to act. Even though the rules are generally the same, there are a few things to consider with regards to online dating. Whether you’re new to international dating or just in need of some help, below are a few tricks to help you succeed.

1. Be honest about who you are – in conversations and when filling out your profile

There is nothing that will make Russian women lose interest faster than having doubts about the honesty of their online partners. When filling out your profile information, be truthful about important things like your religion and political views, age, race, likes and dislikes, what you want in a woman, etc. You should also only post photos of yourself that are recent and not taken ages ago. Never use someone else’s picture as yours!

Your profile is the first thing a woman sees when she’s browsing profiles of available singles so you want to stand out among hundreds of others. If you want to increase your chances of meeting that one and only, fill in as much information as you can. It’s proven that men who take time to complete their profiles get three times more letters from available single women.

2. Don’t say things that are inappropriate

After looking through hundreds of profiles of gorgeous women and finally connecting with the one who interests you the most, the last thing you want to do is frighten her off by bringing up inappropriate topics. Some men make the mistake of asking for sexy pictures too early in the relationship. Russian ladies are not comfortable with being rushed, so give her time before you approach her with sensitive topics. There’s nothing wrong with telling a woman she is beautiful, but you should never make tasteless comments about her body.

Russian Online Dating

3. Don’t act needy

Imagine you’ve found the woman whose profile interests you the most. She looks great, your likes and dislikes match and you send her a letter introducing yourself. After a few days you still haven’t heard from her, so you send her a new letter and maybe another one in a few days. Then you grow tired of waiting and you may even email her again asking her not to bother you. Yes, some women may find men who are determined to get what they want, but not all women find it appealing. Your chosen woman may only be able to access the internet a few times a week, so you definitely need to be patient. Just because she doesn’t reply on the same day doesn’t mean she doesn’t find you interesting.

4. Refrain from becoming too aggressive

Once you’ve met the lady you have been dreaming of, the last thing you want to do is scare her away by coming off too strong. While most women will be pleased if a man shows interest in them, some Russian women may feel a little bit uncomfortable. You shouldn’t rush things! Give your partner time to get to know you better as this is what women need to develop actual feelings for someone.

Above were just a few of the tips you could use when interested in Russian online dating. Putting these tips to work could make finding your perfect match a reality.

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