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On December 22, 2015
Last modified:January 25, 2019


So you have been online dating this gorgeous Russian girl for a couple of months and you are interested in bringing the relationship to a new level. But despite your efforts you aren’t getting anywhere with it. By now you’re probably constantly wondering what the problem could be. We are here to offer you some handy tips about why you can’t get a Russian girlfriend:

1. You act too shy.

Russian girlfriendRussian women are constantly chased after. Thanks to that they have developed an appreciation to the guys who are persistent and a bit more aggressive. Other types just won’t get their attention because those just come and go. You need to show that more aggressive side. That doesn’t mean you need to act macho. Just be more confident, decisive and be more persuasive.

2. You’re profile pictures ruin it for you.

Russian women who are online dating are usually very interested in serious relationships so they need a mature man in their life. If you keep posting pictures of yourself with funny faces or whenever you go out drinking with your buddies it is going to make you look bad. Russian women care about the impression they leave and so should you if you want to date them.

3. Poor conversation skills.

It is important to be able to spice up the conversation. Humour files under this section as well. If you tell dirty jokes and she doesn’t appreciate you doing that then you should quit. Russian women won’t accept being treated with disrespect.

4. You only talk about yourself.

It makes sense that you are trying to impress an attractive person but the topic can’t always be you. Even if you have a list of high achievements you should put a lot of focus on her. Read her profile and ask her lots of questions about her interests and hobbies.


These are some of the reasons that may keep you from getting that Russian girlfriend. Improve on what needs improving and you will see success in your endeavours.