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On January 20, 2016
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The first thing that you need to know about European women is this: what they need in a man will depend on where they are in life. For example, if they’re young and are really into having fun, they just might want to date around, and so the kind of man they would want to meet is someone who’s fun-loving and a blast to be around. If they’re of age with a great career, they might just want to settle down, so the kind of man they’re looking for is someone who’s responsible and mature.

European womenThat still is true, however, with all the forums we’ve visited and with all the online dating profiles we’ve read, we’ve found a common pattern. Here’s what we’ve discovered: the qualities European women want in a man will differ, but there are distinct characteristics all
European women want in their men:

1. Kind-heartedness

The numerous dating profiles we’ve encountered said that they’d want a guy with a kind heart. European women want to meet a man who will treat them well, their family well and treat their kids well (if they have any). They recognize that a kind-hearted man will be a gentleman and a nice guy who has compassion and warmth.

2. Romantic

Every woman wants to meet someone who’s romantic. European women are the same, but they don’t want a man who’s overly romantic. Just the right amount will do. Sappy love letters, flowers during random days, chocolates in boxes always do the job in impressing European women and showing off your romantic side but don’t overdo it.

3. Great with kids

Although not every European woman would want to start a family instantly, they almost want a man who’s great with kids. All because when a man is great with kids, he also has other excellent characteristics that come with handling children – patience, creativity, and child-like playfulness.

4. Gentleman

Being a gentleman is the most important quality that European women want in a man. European women are used to being treated like princesses by their father and by the other men in their family. As a gentleman, you have to remember to open doors, get the bill, see them home, help them to their seat, give them your jacket when cold and so on.

5. Well-dressed

Let us expand on this a little better because the term “well-dressed” means different from person to person. Well-dressed doesn’t mean modelesque sense of style. It just means that the man shouldn’t have jogging pants and t-shirt as a staple, everyday ensemble. Dress appropriately and don’t be afraid to level up what you wear during dates with a tie or with a stylish accent. That is well-dressed in the eyes of a European woman.

So that’s a wrap for the top qualities European women want in a man. It’s surprisingly self-explanatory, right? How many of these qualities do you have? If you’re online dating, make sure you mention these qualities in your profile to get attention from a lot of European women.

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