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On July 2, 2015
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Dating Russian women is different from dating women from the West. If you are interested in dating them then you need to know several things about the Russian culture so you don’t mess things up right out of the gate. We have created this article full of tips to help you our so you could have a successful dating experience.

Here is a list of things it is essential for you to know:

1. Russian women are obsessed with looking good.

This is not an understatement because Russian women dress up even for going to the supermarket to buy a carton of milk. In most western countries, going to the supermarket calls for wearing jeans or sweatpants, flip flops and an oversized t-shirt. Butdating Russian women not in Russia. Women are very interested in looking feminine so be prepared for it taking them several hours to prepare even if you are going to have a simple video call.

2. It is common to give gifts and be romantic.

Words are much more appreciated in the West than they are in the East so in Russia, you need more than the knowledge of sweet talking. Over there it makes sense to give lots of gifts and be more romantic. We aren’t trying to implicate that Russian women are somehow very materialistic. Gift giving is embedded into the Russian culture. They give gifts for every occasion.

3. Be a gentleman.

You are expected to behave like a gentleman and due to that you should pay on most dates. Russian culture is still somewhat macho and gender roles are still in place. If you disagree with this then it may take you longer to find a girl that thinks the same way. Once the relationship has developed into something more serious you can go dutch(split the bill) or take turns to pay.

4. Treat her like a lady.

This is yet another example of gender roles at play in the Russian culture. When you date Russian women, treat them like ladies. Aside from being the perfect gentleman and paying on the first dates, open doors, help her to her seat and so on. It may seem corny to you but Russian women dig the whole knight in shining armour concept.

5. Defining the relationship.

This isn’t all that conclusive but keep in mind that Russian women(and men as well) are a lot quicker to get into serious relationships when compared to westerners. That is because there is no playing games when it comes to dating. If you have gone out for a month that means you are exclusive. There is no dating several people at the same time in the Russian culture.

Found any surprises?

How do you feel about these dating differences? Are you still interested in dating Russian women? If so then remember these tips, use them and good luck with your online dating.