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Learn the Story of Grand Duchess Anastasia from a Russian Woman

If you take a look at Russian dating sites, you’ll notice a lot of women carrying the soulful name Anastasia. The name is said to be evocative of Russia’s multi-layered culture, and instantly bring to mind remarkable beauty, the longing spirit of women and the numerous paths of destiny. What better way to understand the importance of the name and the fascinating culture of Russia than dating Russian ladies!


Naturally, it is tough dating a woman from a remote country, but there is so much to gain from it, and some men and women even get married just because they were enjoying the cultural enrichment which made their relationship more interesting. Read this guide below if you are interested in dating a foreign woman, be her name associated with the Grand Duchess Anastasia or not.

  • There will always be some kind of a miscommunication

Even if you both speak fluent English, there will be times where you can have misunderstandings. It’s normal if one of you is not a native English speaker. You may say something that has a meaning other than the one she understands or the other way around. This is why, the moment you feel like you don’t get along because something weird was said, just talk about it to clear the air.

  • People can behave differently when they are in their home country

Very often, people act differently in their own countries because they feel more at ease to be themselves. This is why when you get serious with a Russian woman, you should also visit her home country to see the way she behaves at home. After your trip you can decide whether you like her as a whole or just the person who lives in another country than her own.

  • It is all about learning

Dating a woman from Russia involves learning everything there is to learn about her traditions and culture: customs, history (like the story of the beautiful Anastasia), art, traditional food, etc. Your darling should be willing to discover your traditions too. This will improve and enrich your relationship and improve the communication between you two. You don’t have to like everything about her lifestyle, but you should be ready to make new memories.

  • Learning a few phrases in Russian is a good move

When courting a Russian girl, you should try to learn a bit of her language because it really makes your life more exciting and it shows her that you are serious about her. If you want to comprehend how she thinks and where she is coming from, learning Russian is a good way to achieve this.

  • Respect her and the differences in your cultures

Since people’s way of life differs in different places, the way they see or do things will be different from yours. The clothes and technology that is available in their country can totally differ from yours, but the functionality stays the same. When dating a foreigner you can share your experiences and find the best way to do things and be more practical.

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