Once you have found the girl of your dreams and the initial buzz of it being something new and exciting has worn off, it can be difficult to keep that honeymoon period feeling. Complacency is one of the biggest killers of romance and getting accustomed and used to what you have can signal the beginning of the end of what was once a perfect relationship. So how do you keep things fresh and make sure that neither of you gets bored? Here are some tips on keeping that passionate flame burning.

romanceWhat Attracted You to Them in the First Place?

Fast your mind back to when you first met, those first few months of dating and the feelings you first felt. Nervousness, butterflies, and that longing to spend every minute with them. Relive the memories of what it felt like to chase her and finally make her yours. This walk down memory lane will help reignite those feelings in you and ensure that you don’t forget what a wonderful woman you have.

Make Time to Date Again

Once in a committed relationship, it is easy to slip into repetitive habits and routines. The nothing less sexy than routine and women love spontaneity and excitement. Make time each week to go out together, go for dinner, go on a proper date and relive the fun times that you experienced when you first got together. The pressures of modern life and work can put a strain on relationships, but it is important always to find time to be together and nurture your relationship.

Don’t Let Yourself Go

Just because you have secured your perfect woman, does not mean you can relax. The focus now is on keeping her and tight requires just as much, if not more effort than the dating process. Keep your life fit and healthy, take care of your appearance and make it a point to tell her every day how beautiful she is and how much you love her.

Maintaining a long-term relationship takes considerable time and dedication, but if you apply these three rules to your life, it should become a lot easier.