The truth behind popular online dating site AnastasiaDate

“AnastasiaDate – real or fake?” if you’ve found yourself asking this question, you’re probably a newbie to It’s no surprise that you’re asking this because the popular European dating website, despite garnering good reputation ever since it started in 1993, has somehow been labeled by some as an online dating website that’s fake and fraudulent.

AnastasiaDate Real or Fake?First off, it’s actually great that you’re asking the question because this means that you’re not diving head first into something that you know little about. This kind of thinking might just help save you from getting scammed in the future and it’ll be the same thinking that will help you decide whether AnastasiaDate is indeed real or not.

To answer your question: “AnastasiaDate – real or fake?” here’s the truth behind common stories past users have put out on the internet:

The Heartbroken Dater

There was one reviewer on the internet that expressed how he felt like he was scammed on He was talking to a beautiful Ukrainian woman for months. From his story, it sounded like they were slowly falling for each other until the guy brought up the topic of marriage. The Ukrainian lady became colder after the talk. He, then, realized that she didn’t want to get married to him.

The Real Deal

Broken hearts can be very painful but these kinds of situations are far from scams. If a lady from any online dating website refuses to marry a gentleman she met on the site, it is hardly the dating website’s fault because the decision lies, primarily, on the lady.

A Lady’s Misrepresentation

A number of reviewers have expressed how ladies have misrepresented themselves on the portal. In most of these cases, ladies were found to be in relationships although their profile says that they’re single. Usually, users would find ladies’ profiles on social networking sites like Facebook and see photos of the lady with a fellow who she refers to as her sweetheart.

The Real Deal

Anastasia Date has a very good anti-scam team that screens all of the ladies’ profiles on the site. There are instances, however, that not all profiles are screened thoroughly. This is mostly due to human error so the best thing to do would be to report the profiles so specific action can be taken by the company.

The Disappearing Act

Another very common incident that a lot of reviewers have mentioned is a lady’s disappearing act. A disappearing act is when you’ve been communicating with a lady for a while to the point where you feel like the both of you have a connection. Out of nowhere, she just disappears – she doesn’t reply to your messages and you never see her online. It’s like she didn’t even exist.

The Real Deal

This is another situation where the decision of the lady to disappear was not influenced by the website. It’s not just Anastasia Date where situations like this happen, it’s most online dating websites on the internet.

Important Note on Safety

In the world of online dating, it’s close to impossible to totally eradicate scammers. There are plenty of ways on how these guys operate and they usually change up their style to create new ways to scam people. You can, however, rest assured that leading websites like AnastasiaDate do their very best to make their users’ dating experience a safe and pleasant one.

Was your question answered?

So, was your question: “AnasatasiaDate – real or fake?” answered? It’s important to understand that dating websites do not influence the ladies’ decisions. Sure, there are plenty of bad experiences because of these examples, but, ultimately, it is not any dating site’s fault if a lady decides to lie, disappear or misrepresent herself.

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