International Dating

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Dangers of International Dating Online

A disagreement in Federal Court has recently occured between a couple of major internet dating sites. Anastasia International accused EM Online Ltd. dba Elena’s Models with trademark offenses, wrong promotions, indirect interference and illegal competition, in the New York City Federal Court. For their web page, Anastasia employs the internet addresses Anastasiadate together with Despite the misconception that EM Online are based in the United States, they are really headquartered in Australia. read more

International Dating Sites: Seduction Through Sexting

It is no surprise that mobile phones have become more than a communication tool. They have also developed into a means to seduce women you find in international dating sites. The mobile phone has become a relationship-boosting gadget that could do wonders for you and your prospects from these international dating sites. read more

Russian Dating Site: Timing Your Relationship

Long ago, dating with chaperons was the norm and couples believed that the more you wait, the more you love. Luckily, times have changed. Even international dating has become possible, and you can easily find the girl of your dreams in a Russian dating site. However, these changes does not mean that we are now better at determining the right time to do something in a relationship. read more