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Your Foreign National Wife – A Big Difference to Your Life

Foreign National Wife

Marry a foreign national wife only if you love her more than sharks love blood! Marriage is a life changing moment for many people. However for those who opt for a foreign spouse the changes to be made would be colossal. For the past many years men from all over the world have looked towards the other side of the fence for greener pastures. The merits and demerits attached with the idea of marrying someone from a foreign land are: read more

How to Succeed at Online Dating

Tips for a successful online dating experience

With the availability of numerous online dating websites, more people than ever before are looking for a partner online. Whether you’re interested in interracial or cross cultural dating, you shouldn’t have a problem finding the right website for you. However, lots of people are having a hard time meeting someone for long term companionship. Should you need some dating advice, below are a couple of tips which will help you be more successful in internet dating. read more

Be Successful in International Cyber Dating With These Tips

Tips for international cyber dating

With so many traditional relationships failing these days, more men than ever before are becoming interested in international cyber dating. In fact, the number of people using some type of online services to find a partner has increased to 40% according to a latest study. Even though that number is quite high, the percentage of successful relationships stays somewhere around 10%. If you haven’t had much success lately, try our tips to see the difference it makes. read more

Quick Guide to International Online Dating

5 tips for international online dating

The number of individuals employing some kind of international online dating services is rising with each passing day. Research shows that practically 40% of all singles in the world are currently looking for a partner on the internet. Nonetheless, the percentage of people who do find love this way is really low, much less than 10%. read more

Types of Men That Beautiful Ladies Don’t Marry

How to impress beautiful ladies

Even though there are lots of things which could be a big turn off for beautiful ladies, the following types of guys are sure to prove them that they’re not ready for a serious relationship.

  • The Ladies Man

While most women would not have anything against their companion noticing a gorgeous woman, there’s a difference between recognising beauty and undressing a woman with your eyes. A guy who’s regularly commenting on every woman who walks past him will make a woman feel like she’s not good enough for him. No one likes to fight for attention, especially Russian and Ukrainian women so his inappropriate comments and unpleasant behaviour will soon make a woman dump him and move on. read more