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Online Dating Myths: Is AnastasiaDate Real of Fake?

The truth behind popular online dating site AnastasiaDate

“AnastasiaDate – real or fake?” if you’ve found yourself asking this question, you’re probably a newbie to It’s no surprise that you’re asking this because the popular European dating website, despite garnering good reputation ever since it started in 1993, has somehow been labeled by some as an online dating website that’s fake and fraudulent. read more


Family is hugely importan in the Ukrainian culture. Ukrainians are very connected and close to their family so if you are serious about your relationship with your Ukrainian girlfriend then you need to know how this unit thinks and what the family dymamics are. They may differ a bit from one family to the next but the core values are usually the same. This article offers you helpful tips about how to win over her family. read more


It is very possible to get so caught up in the moment when you’re online dating that you forget to pay attention to the quality of your own experience and the experience your behaviour offers to others. These little online dating mistakes are almost unnoticeable and happen with both – men and women. Since these mistakes are tiny it isn’t too difficult to eradicate them. Let’s have a look and see if some of these are familiar to you. read more

Sweep Your Russian Lady Off Her Feet With These Phrases

russian lady
russian lady

Most women are interested in romance. What’s more seductive than being sweet with words? This may sound complicated because your Russian lady speaks a different language but if you put effort into it then success is guaranteed.

It is not very customary in the Russian culture to be very expressive but it is definitely impressive when a foreign guy tries to speak the language. Russians are very proud people and this is a great sign of respect. We have put together a compilation of sentences you can use when you’re chatting to a hot Russian woman via the AnastasiaDate’s services: read more